Helping Schools By Helping Students Make Wise Choices


Circle of Champions exists to help public schools by giving students, parents and faculty effective tools that will enable students to make wise choices in the areas of alcohol and drug use, sexuality, respect for the values and diversity of all people, and academics, thereby making schools proficient and safe.


  • To provide an inspirational teen relevant program for the students to attend during school hours where issues such as drugs, alcohol, sexuality, academic excellence, school safety, and respect for the values and diversity of all people are candidly confronted. This is called “It’s Your Life” Assembly.

  • To provide an academic and attendance incentive where students are awarded for exemplary semester achievement. A-B Honor Roll students are named and presented with a gold t-shirt. Perfect attendance students are presented with a silver t-shirt. Students with A-B Honor Roll and perfect attendance are awarded a “Cadillac shirt” a gold shirt with silver/metallic letters. This is called “The Silver and Gold”Award Assembly.

  • To provide a student work force exhibiting moral and academic peer pressure as well as weekly oversight of safety concerns. Students receive red shirts for their moral commitment, blue shirts for their commitment to respecting America’s Constitution, Flag and Pledge of Allegiance and white shirts for being one of our student speakers.  They are encouraged to wear their shirt to school every Monday. These students along with the Silver and Gold t-shirt winners for grades and attendance are deputized to keep watch over their respective schools each week as they proudly wear their shirts.

  • To provide motivation toward respect for military and civic judicial leaders. The National Guard posts the flag to begin each assembly. State Troopers, city police officers, sheriff’s deputies, firemen and civic leaders appear in each assembly to offer encouragements and help distribute shirts.


  • Motivational assemblies in public high schools concerning alcohol, drugs, sex, grades, school safety

  • Awards presentations in public high schools when students are awarded for attendance and grades

  • T-shirts are presented as awards in both types of assemblies above

  • Through the Sheriff’s Department students are deputized to become helpers in their schools for safety.

Love Never Fails

Phil Murphy • Founder and CEO


From our early beginnings in 1995, Circle of Champions has laid the groundwork for better schools…

Our History


Circle of Champions has more than 40,000 written comments from students, teachers, coaches, principals, mayors, and congressmen about the positive effects Circle of Champions is having upon Alabama communities and schools. This is only the beginning.

Our Testimonials


Through its over 690 student events, Circle of Champions has helped over 375,000 students in the course of 23+ years by empowering more than 9,000 student leaders to impact their fellow classmates with moral and patriotic values.

Our Impact


Through our Student Assemblies and online campaigns, Circle of Champions is the solution to Stop School Shootings, Promote Moral and Patriotic Values in Schools, and to Leave a Lasting Impact the State of Alabama, the United States, and the World.

Our Vision


As long as hate and school shootings exist,  we won’t stop fighting to protect and help our students and their schools. Every donation of money and time helps us in our mission to save lives. Get in touch today and start making the difference. #LoveNeverFails